At Pinant Financial Planning we think differently - so we act differently.

If financial planning consultations in the past have left you feeling disheartened, we understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately there are still some advisers in the industry that are still focus on selling the product rather than making plans and financial strategies. After looking at your income and bank balance they recommend you the same super and insurance providers they recommend to everyone that walks through the door. Not much planning there. Others do focus on financial strategy, but are very inexperienced in the industry. At Pinant you have advisers that have experience of over 25 years and focus on strategy. So you have the best of both worlds.

Property Strategy

We specialize in Property Strategy* in and outside of a Self-Managed Super Fund. This can be Baby Boomers wanting to compare property investments (in general) versus non-property investments (such as a managed fund) or Gen X seeking guidance on how to build their wealth. We have professional  contacts to take you through every part of the process so you don’t have to worry about your future investments and cashflow.
*Please note that we are not licensed to give specific property advice.
Our property advice is solely strategic in helping you to achieve your personal goals. 

Business Succession Planning

We also specialize in Business Succession Planning. Lots of advisers instigate the key person insurance where as we project managed the whole process of the planned succession of the Directors retiring from the business and the new stakeholders taking over. We also do the insurances relevant to the need and also make sure the Wills are in place when the people pass away. We believe Pinant wants the right money passed to the right person at the right time. Estate Planning is vital.

We're All Different

At Pinant, we know Financial Planning is far from this ‘one size fits all’ approach - our strong strategy focus insures that you receive a plan that addresses your needs. We take the time and ask the questions that will allow us to provide advice tailored to your future plans, and ensure life transitions can happen as smoothly as possible. WE see everyone as a snow flake you are all different. Your needs are all different.

The fact is making decisions about your finances can be a daunting prospect - if you don’t understand the possible risks and you don’t know the reward or potential outcomes, how can you really make decisive choices? It’s normal to fear the unknown.

We see planning is about knowledge and relate it back to something that could be fearful if you don’t understand. We liken it to standing outsize a closed room, and you can hear a lion roaring inside, do you go inside? Probably not!!!!!!!

Well that’s where Pinant’s professional team of planners can help – we take your hand and walk you in, we turn the lights on and show you what we already know – that the Lion is behind bars and the cage is locked. We liken this to planning we hold your hand and guide you to see all the wonderful possibilities that could be open to you by communicating your goals to us and we work out a strategy to achieve the process. The room is filled with wonderful things, and that big old lion which is the unknown? We’ll he’s in a cage, just like your thoughts and goals are ready to be explored and not to be afraid of. Our aim is to demystify the planning process so you can be confident in your decisions.

Pinant is about open communication, building trust and being there to support clients at every stage of their life and business development.

To learn more about our process, please see our Our Process page.
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