After Pinant’s 26 years in business we’ve developed strong relationships with our clientele

Pinant can assist all stages of financial development including those just starting out in the workforce, families needing security, individuals wanting to increase their assets, business owners needing tailored solutions, people moving towards retirement, and those already there looking to maintain their lifestyle. Sometimes you do have a plan and your situation changes unexpectedly – we’re also here to assist those who need to reevaluate and assess their options.

It’s no surprise that after Pinant’s 26 years in business we’ve developed strong relationships with many of our clientele. We’ve helped them make the transitions through difference phases of their lives, shared in their joy and been there to support them in heartache. For us Financial Planning is about so much more than numbers and figures, it’s about people.


Dealing with Government Institutes such as Centrelink

“I had been living and working in Australia for many years when I was diagnosed with MS. I continued to work until my condition made it impossible for me to continue. I applied for a disability pension through Centrelink, which I received for some time, until it was suddenly stopped and repayment demanded for benefits already paid. This was all because of my Canadian Super which had been commuted to Australia. It was a terrible, stressful time in my life and I was at a loss as to what to do. Gina was wonderful, she assured me that she would help resolve the situation. It took many, many months and much communication backwards and forwards. Centrelink adamant they were right and Gina adamant they were wrong. Eventually the case went before the ATO, the ombudsman and then to Canberra, where the decision was overturned. Centrelink had to admit they were wrong and my disability pension was re-instated. Thanks to Gina’s dogged determination and persistence she was able to achieve what I thought would be the impossible! She certainly knows her stuff and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone!!!”   

Carol Cooke

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