At Pinant – we give you a plan for living the life you want, the financial plan is just what makes it possible.

Our main goal is to provide you with advice that enables the financial freedom and security to live the life you’ve dreamed of.

We have an intensive initial consultation that looks into all aspects of your current situation along with your aspirations for the future, both financially and as an individual or business. We do a life map for you or your business. We help you uncover things about yourselves that you might have not even thought of. We then put together a comprehensive plan to help you realistically achieve them.

It can often be difficult to prioritize the elements of your lifestyle or business that are most important to you. Helping identify them is all part of that initial consultation – we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions that will give you clarity on the areas you value most. This approach enables us to provide a plan that is focused and will efficiently service your core needs.

We aren’t about smoke and mirrors either, it’s important to us that Pinant clients understand the planning process. We prefer to share our knowledge and explain everything in detail so that you feel in-control of your finances and can confidently make decisions regarding your future.

At Pinant we pride ourselves on the ongoing care system. Your plan is monitored by two qualified planning professionals throughout the year, and our documentation of its progress is second to none. This means that time critical actions can take place without delay, even if your main contact isn’t in the office when a settlement goes through or a claim needs to be processed.

If you’re looking for a solid financial strategy, Pinant is looking for you.

To learn more about our unique consultation process, please see our The Next Step page.
Pinant is looking for you